Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at our photography. We are The Real Gallery, lead by photographers Hubert Wysokinski and Pawel Kubiak. We believe in producing the best quality for our photographs come from the persistent approach we have to capturing a scene; the resulting shot must be an outward representation of what we imagine the scene to look like in our eyes. Whether it is a fleeting moment of nature, or still trees in a natural setting, we always aim to artistically document this instant, ephemeral part of life.

Our interests of subject matter include portraits, architecture of all styles, nature and the modern day hero; this is a phrase we use to describe the documentation of the modern life, as a way of not looking back to the past, but instead to the future and the present day of our lives.

Hubert Wysokinski and Pawel Kubiak 2015

Hubert and Pawel have both had exhibitions in the United Kingdom and Poland, including the POSK Gallery, London, Galeria Wielka Poznan and Szczypta Swiata Wroclaw, Poland.

The Real Gallery